Dear parents,

This coming Sunday we will have our third lesson in the Mustard Seeds series on “Beginnings”: Corruption.  After sin entered the world, we begin to see how sin has corrupted every aspect of human nature.  This is clearly shown in the life of Cain, how he became jealous of his brother and murdered him.  Adam and Eve disobeyed God, bringing sin into the world and the consequences of sin.

Please note for this week only we’re using a different Zoom ID.  Password is the same.

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Time:25th April, 1:50PM  主日敬拜唱歌之后
Text:Genesis 4:1-16
Big Idea:Cain, jealous because Abel’s sacrifice was accepted, murdered his brother and then lied to God about it because he refused to repent.

Referring to this incident, the apostle John explains, “We should not be like Cain, who was of the evil one and murdered his brother. And why did he murder him? Because his own deeds were evil and his brother’s righteous.” (1 John 3:12, ESVUK).

The aim of this lesson is to help the children understand that sin affects our emotions, thoughts, words and actions.  Unlike Cain, we must repent.  God is merciful.

For copyright reasons, the activity sheets can be provided only while the lessons are in progress, so that only those who need them can get them, and are no longer available.

Once again there are some activities that the children can do before or after class.  This week they are pretty similar, so you might want to choose to do just one of them.  Please help the children to print out the one you prefer and make it:

Print Activity A and, using a knife, cut along the thick black line of Cain’s altar and arm.  Fold along the dotted line and then fold again so that the right edge of Cain’s alter aligns with the right edge of Abel’s altar.  The children colour in the picture and can open and close it to reveal what Cain did.

Print Activity B and cut along the solid line to remove the small pictures from the main one.  Cut out the picture of Cain’s head and torso together with a knife.  Fold this outwards along the dotted line and glue it so that the pictures are back to back.  The children colour the picture.  Help them to align Cain’s torso with the one already on the page and glue along the marked area only.  They can now lift the flap to see Cain’s murderous intent!

In Him,

GHWCC Children Ministry