Dear parents,

In our next series we will be returning to the beginning, following a series of lessons produced by Mustard Seeds.

This week we will look at Creation.  God made everything, and it was good!

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Time:11th April, 1:50PM  主日敬拜唱歌之后
Text:Genesis 1:1-2:3
Big Idea:God created the entire world and everything in it out of nothing.  He did this by simply speaking words.  Mankind is the pinnacle of creation.

For copyright reasons, the activity sheets can be provided only while the lessons are in progress, so that only those who need them can get them, and are no longer available.

There are some activity sheets that the children can do before or after the class.  

Please help them to print these out and make them:

Creation Pockets” part 1 and part 2.  Cut along the solid lines on the sheet in part 2.  You will have two strips and six “blocks”.  Fold and glue the two strips squarely on the two marked areas on the sheet from part 1.  Then staple in the places marked (between each day) to create separate “pockets”.  The children can colour the pictures and match the “blocks” with the correct “pockets”.  A small picture clue is provided on each pocket.

Hanging Creation Sphere“.  Print onto card.  You will also need two split-pin paper fasteners and a length of thread (about 30cm).  Cut the page into strips as marked, and punch a hole at the points marked with an X.  Colour the pictures.  Stack all eight strips with the pictures facing up, and put a split-pin paper fastener through both sets of holes.  Bend the stack with the pictures facing outwards to form a ‘C’ shape.  Fan the strips out to form a sphere.  Attach a piece of thread to the top paper fastener so that the sphere can be hung up.

We hope the children will enjoy these activities to help them remember the order of creation.

In Him,

GHWCC Children Ministry