Dear parents,

God remains faithful to his promises even when we find it hard to believe that He will do what He has said.  This is what we will be thinking about this week in Sunday school.  

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Time:30th May, 1:50PM  主日敬拜唱歌之后
Text:Genesis 15:1-21
Big Idea:Despite Abraham’s doubts, God confirms His promise by making a covenant with Abraham.

All promises create an expectation in the one receiving the promise.  Living with a promise can be very hard at times, especially when it doesn’t appear that it will ever be fulfilled.  Understanding the time scale of the promise is therefore very important.

Abraham had to learn to trust God despite his circumstances and despite there being no clear indication that God would ever be able to do what He had said.  Abraham simply had to trust God’s word.

The Gospel of Jesus also comes to us in the form of a promise – the promise that if we place our trust in Jesus, He will forgive our sin and take us to heaven when He returns.  The timescale of this promise is uncertain, but we know that it will happen because God is faithful to all His promises.  Like Abraham, we need to keep trusting God’s promise.


For copyright reasons, the activity sheets can be provided only while the lessons are in progress, so that only those who need them can get them, and are no longer available.

Once again, here are a couple of activities that the children can do before or after class.  Please help the children to do one:
Print Activity A.  You will need one page for every two children. Each child will also require one piece of black paper or card and a number of self-adhesive stars.  Cut around the black block.  The children colour in Abraham and paste him on the black page. They then stick the stars onto the paper to decorate the ‘night sky’.
Print Activity B.  The children colour Abraham in and join the dots to see what God said his descendants would be like.
In Him,

GHWCC Children Ministry