Dear parents,

The second in the Mustard Seeds series on “Beginnings” is about Rebellion!  Adam and Eve disobeyed God, bringing sin into the world and the consequences of sin.

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Time:18th April, 1:50PM  主日敬拜唱歌之后
Text:Genesis 2:15-3:24
Big Idea:Satan encouraged Adam and Eve to disobey God’s word.  This rebellion affected their relationship with God, one another and the rest of creation.


For copyright reasons, the activity sheets can be provided only while the lessons are in progress, so that only those who need them can get them, and are no longer available.

Again, here are some activity sheets that the children can do before or after the class.

Please help them to print these out and make them:

Story Snake“: Cut out the snake’s body, tongue, three pictures of Adam and Eve and the snake’s tail (with the angel on it).  Fanfold the snake’s body on the dashed lines as marked.  The children colour the pictures and place them on the snake in the correct order, starting just behind the head with the pictures in the same direction as the angel.  Help them to glue the pictures along the body.  Glue the tongue in place un the the lip of the snake..

Flip-fold story picture“: Print part 1 (you only need one copy per 2 children), part 2 (one for each child) and part 3 (one copy for up to 14 children. This could be printed on green paper).  Cut along the solid line of part 2 to produce two strips of pictures (one per child).  Cut out a pair of fig leaves for each child from part 3 (Tip: folding along the dashed line with allow you to cut out two leaves at once).  The children colour the pictures and glue the fig leaves over the bodies of the sad Adam and Eve.  Two small pieces of cloth could be used instead of fig leaves to represent animal skin.  Help your children to fold the strip of pictures along fold #1 and glue the pictures back to back so that you have Adam and Eve with the fruit glued to the back of the sad Adam and Eve, and the happy Adam and Eve glued to the back of the angel.  Make fold #2 so that the sad Adam and Eve are folded towards the angel.  Make fold #3 so that the glue flap appears on the outside of the pictures.  Apply glue to the glue flap (over the word “glue”) and stick it onto the dashed rectangle on part 2, so that the happy Adam and Eve are standing next to the Tree of Life.  As they unfold the pictures, the story unfolds.  Let your child or children tell you the story as they unfold the pictures.


In Him,

GHWCC Children Ministry